Renewable Energy

An Energy Storage System

The panel project was complex, mission-critical and on a very tight schedule. On top of that, the client had a reputation for unusually high standards.  To the QualiTEQ team, all of these details sounded like just another day in the shop, meeting technical and project demands.

First they took delivery on some client-ordered parts and worked closely with the client’s engineering firm to clarify design. Then they set to work building the panels. When the initial supplier ran out of parts, QualiTEQ found a qualified source and kept moving. When design changes threatened the delivery dates, QualiTEQ discussed priorities, documented the decisions and re-focused the whole team. When the project needed ownership and experience, QualiTEQ listed, delivered, communicated and then delivered some more.

The panels shipped on time, with improvements in quality and safety that exceeded even the client’s highly customized request.

“Not every client needs a high level of heroism,” says QualiTEQ team lead Michael Rutledge, “but everyone here thrives on delivering more.”

Project Details

  • 1 large panel was fabricated from drawings provided by client
  • Project required creative layout and wiring strategies:  Many components and connections in the space.  QualiTEQ design expertise helped optimize the layout for the client.
  • Procurement was a challenge with some of the parts changing during the project, incomplete or late deliveries.  QualiTEQ helped the project stay on time by working with the client to find alternate solutions or change the workflow to meet the schedule.

QualiTEQ Tips

Quality comes from details that someone knows and manages. It’s never too early to document the critical details of your panel project.