Industrial Automation and Wastewater

Industrial Automation and Wastewater

In wastewater treatment, strict quality standards and the demand for safe/suitable output go hand in hand. That’s why a US aluminum manufacturer required more than just panel fabrication. They needed a quality solution, designed to perform under exact specifications. The tolerance for downtime in their facility was close to zero, requiring the QualiTEQ design team to replicate the installation and then coordinate on-site commissioning in a highly fluid environment.

On the project, the acceptance testing and documentation requirements alone would overwhelm most panel shops.

The QualiTEQ team thanked the client for having high standards and went to work: design, fabrication, acceptance testing and commissioning of the new panels took place on time and under budget. From the detailed documentation, drawings and procurement support, to Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and full commissioning support, QualiTEQ anticipated project challenges and stayed a step ahead.

“We got a bit spoiled by QualiTEQ’s level of responsiveness,” said the facilities manager. “They really worked well with my whole team.”

Project Details

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QualiTEQ Tips

Quality management of your panel fabrication starts with listening.

When you hear the right questions see a sincere interest in the success of your project, then you know you’ve found a panel fabricator who is focused on you.