Mining Project


Project Description

Project was constructing a new pump station consisting of a building power transformer, MCC, soft starters, control panel, and lighting panel.

Project Need

Project was quick turn and required extensive management and ordering by QualiTEQ.

Why QualiTEQ?

Custom equipment was required but normal suppliers could meet leadtime. Solution resulted in purchasing off the shelf equipment and having quick turn modifications made by QualiTEQ and then shipped to site.

Services Provided

QualiTEQ mounted and wired protection relays, controls, transformers, and interconnection devices into Benshaw Soft Starters and GE MCC buckets which were purchased as off the shelf items cutting lead times for custom designed equipment from these manufacturers by months.

QualiTEQ designed and fabricated custom plug receptacles using Line Power plugs. Receptacles were mounted outside the pump control building and interfaced between the power cables and soft starters for the pumps. Receptacles were custom designed for the application and had to support the weight of the plug and mining cable.

QualiTEQ also provided the control panel for the project.

Client Benefits

Project was turnkey for the client. All equipment was fabricated, wired and delivered just in time for installation. This along with the communication with the contractor allowed the project to finish on time in spite of a tightened schedule.

Above and beyond

QualiTEQ reviewing drawings and anticipating field needs caught mistakes in the delivery by GE and Line Power.